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Just in case you were wondering... Kläzit is pronounced as closet.  And why did I choose this spelling?  Well, simply put I liked the way it looked.  It's unique, stands out, unconventional and different.  Just like me!

So who am I? I'm Melodie Stewart, a 30 something wife to Robert and mother of 3 - Burnel, Quan and Elijah.  And this is my online fashion and style journal.  As a stylist, my blog is where I share my obsession for all things fashion.  

"I help individuals create dope wardrobes that makes them unique and memorable."

For as long as I can remember I've always been intrigued by fashion and style. Even as a young girl, I always wanted to make sure I stood out.  So whenever I got dressed it was always a big deal.  Being in the fashion industry was always a dream that I never thought would come true. 

"A DREAM without a plan is just a WISH"

This kind of thinking is what motivated me to go from wishing it, to dreaming it, to doing it!  In 2009 I co-founded an image consulting business, which dissolved in 2012.  Although discouraged, I wasn't about to give up.  In 2013 I started an online boutique - Posh Lady Vintage. I was scared, nervous, anxious, and a little lost all at the same time.  After grinding for a year, I realized that PLV was just my starting point. She was the catalyst and the foundation for the next level. Although change can be uncomfortable, it’s sometimes necessary. 

As I have evolved so had my vision for my brand.  Style consists of more than just “vintage.” Rachael Zoe said it best – “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” And in my own closet was a mixture of fashionable pieces representing different eras in fashion. It was there where a new vision was birthed...

The Style Kläzit

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